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Did you know that plastics have a shelf life that spans centuries, nearly 500-1000 years? With more countries waking up to the cause of removing plastic usage in everyday life, we at GreenerPac offer you more sustainable and completely compostable and biodegradable solutions in the place of plastic bags.

Why should we look for biodegradable & compostable bags?

  • If you look into your daily routine, from the milk that we buy for our morning coffee to the chocolate wrappers, there is plastic everywhere. Has it ever occurred to you on what happens to these plastic wastes once it is thrown into the dustbin?
  • The plastics do not biodegrade, at least for another 500-1000 years. This means we are left with a whole world of plastic bags polluting our planet.
  • Think of a solution where you can use a bag that looks similar and is stronger as plastic bags but is completely biodegradable, you will come up with the biodegradable bags, which decompose completely, as the smartest way out. These bags are made of a material that helps them to be completely absorbed by the microbes in the earth’s soil.

Quality of
Our Bags

Biodegradable in both Aerobic & Anaerobic conditions.

Aerobic Biodegradation

  • ASTM D 5209: In presence of Municipal Sewage Sludge
  • ASTM D 5338 / D 6400 / ISO 14852 / IS 17088: Under Controlled Composting
  • ASTM 5524 – 94a: Aerobic Biodegradation

Anaerobic Biodegradation

  • ASTM D 5511 / ISO DS 15985: Under high solid Anaerobic Digestion Conditions.
  • ASTM G 21 & G 22: Culture Test of Toxicity (OECD Guideline 207) for Packing and Carrying Food.
  • Indian Standard IS 17088 is identical to ASTM D 5338 / D 6400 and ISO 17088
  • Biodegrade in 180 days without leaving any toxic residue.
  • Does not fragment during biodegradation.
  • GreenerPac bags and Packaging  has the Excellent strength ,Flexibility, sealing properties and transparency.
  • Our  bags are Food Grade and Non Toxic and keeps food fresh and safe to highest quality.
  • Our bags are incomparable when it comes to Composting as it breaks down into organic matter like Water,Humus,CO2,CH4.
  • Our bags are biodegradable in landfills (Anaerobic biodegradation) unlike other oxo and photo degradable products available in the market
  • They are 100% Biodegradable and Recyclable at the same time.
  • Our bags can be customized and printed as per client’s need.
  • Our products are undoubtedly the best eco friendly alternative to curb the Plastic pollution.
Praveen Lal

Praveen Lal

General Manager, Jindal Polyfilms Pvt Ltd

"Greener Pac provides ideal solution to biodegradable products. Pouches, cutlerries, and films. Meeting all the govt norms and priced rightly."

Siddhant Sharma

Siddhant Sharma

Patent lawyer

"All GreenerPac products have a premium feel so you don't feel awkward while carrying the 'everyday' things, and it is ecofriendly as well, so in a way you are also contributing to a clean and green India. Great products + Great vision = GreenerPac
I ask only for GreenerPac biodegradable bags from the shopkeeper everytime!"

Yamini Verma

Yamini Verma


GreenerPac bags are the ultimate solution to biodegradable bags. The team of technologists in GreenerPac have kept in mind all the plastic waste related issues in India and invented a complete solution to it.

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