About Us

The ever changing climatic conditions and the evolving biodiversity has definitely taught us one important thing, it is to never misuse/abuse nature. As a first step towards improving our environment, GreenerPac brings along biodegradable packaging, that will once again bring forth the harmony between us and the nature.

Who are we?

An Alumni of Indian Institute of Packaging, GreenerPac offers you sustainable solutions to the ever rising problem of plastic usage across industries.

GreenerPac boasts of a team of passionate individuals who believe in working with nature and are constantly trying to find solutions that will help eliminate the use of plastic in multiple sectors. The biodegradable bags are one of their steps towards removing use of plastic for carry bags and garbage disposal bags.

The founders of the company have worked closely in the packaging industry and have nearly 3 decades of experience to rely upon. They have come forth to put a stop to the use of plastics in multiple industries using the latest technology.

Plastic – the nightmare!

From hospitality to packaging industry, we see vast use of plastic pouches and other forms of plastic despite the knowledge that plastic takes a longer time to decompose (about 500-1000 years). The solution which looked smarter a few years back, do not seem smart anymore as it is tilting the balance in nature everyday by its mere presence.

It is common knowledge that plastic is poisonous to our environment and yet we continue to use them and not many have come forward to suggest a solution to the problem either.

At GreenerPac, we recognized the need for a sustainable and a better solution to keep our environment healthy. Using the skills gained with the experience and exposure in the packaging industry, GreenerPac offers a futuristic solution for the society, especially for the packaging industry.

Our mission

As a smaller company of committed employees, our mission is to pave way for a greener and a pollution free atmosphere for the future!

Our vision

It is our firm belief that education is useless if it is not put to improve our society. Our vision is to educate people and also use our education to improve the environment.