Biodegradable Packaging Solution

Biodegradable Packaging solutions

Biodegradable packaging and films offer you a greener and a more sustainable alternative to plastic, paper and other environmentally harmful compounds. As a pioneer in providing biodegradable packaging and other biodegradable products for multiple purposes, Greenerpac offers you a wide range of bags, pouches and garbage disposal bags to both residential and commercial purposes. We also provide biodegradable additive master batch for most of the conventional plastics available in the market like LDPE, LLDPE, PP, PS, HDPE and PET. Packaging films and plastics manufactured using the biodegradable additive master batch render them biodegradable when placed in a biologically active environment such as landfills and municipal sewage sludge.

The main objective and mission behind Greenerpac is to offer sustainable and biodegradable packaging solutions to everyone and make sure that our planet grows greener every day.

Formed by a team of professionals who are in love with nature. The packaging offered at Greenerpac is created keeping the comfort of people and the environment in mind. The packaging is made from materials that renders the plastic easily biodegradable and consumable by the microbes present in our soil ensuring a greener solution to the environment. We also offer varieties of biodegradable packaging solutions to cater food, restaurant and hospitality industry

What do we offer?

The biodegradable packaging at Greenerpac ranges from small pouches, carry bags to garbage disposal bags and cutlery available in different sizes and in multiple quantities to suit individual needs. The biodegradable packaging offered by Greenerpac is,

  • Certified as biodegradable by not just on Indian standards but also on European and American standards.
  • Available as both aerobic and anaerobic bio-degradation, which means your bags will automatically be absorbed by the microbes in the soil.
  • As it decomposes it will break down into hummus, CH4, water and CO2 blending with the environment.
  • While it easily biodegrades, it still has a better shelf life and is quite sturdy in its make.
  • There are no toxins or other chemicals used in the making of the bags ensuring that it is absolutely safe to you and the environment.
  • Available in multiple forms like Carry bags, garbage bags, bio-hazard bags, food storage pouches, garment bags, zip-lock pouches, industrial packaging, biodegradable films and E-commerce  packaging 

If you are looking for a biodegradable packaging solution to your product, contact Greenerpac for a competitive quote!