New Packaging Development

New Packaging development

As a premier company in the packaging industry, Greenerpac has been offering continuous and highly sustainable solutions to all their clients. Every product deserves the best protection and it can only be made possible with the right packaging solution. There is a continuous evolution of the kind of packaging used in every industry, based on various factors like the product type and the eco-friendliness.

What we offer?

The strength of your product and its shelf life are two important factors that we take into consideration when we delve into new packaging development. Our packaging development process follows a structured approach which involves,

  • Determination of the environment in handling the product and the transportation that will be used.
  • Determination of the strength and durability of the product to be packed.
  • Estimation of the packing material dimension and improvements if any to the existing packaging materials.
  • Deducing the right packaging solution that is both eco-friendly and pocket friendly to our clients.
  • Testing the new packaging solutions and the final implementation.

Why choose us?

  • Minimal or nil impact on the environment with the packaging solutions we offer.
  • Affordable packaging solutions that will last longer and can withstand other elements and environment.
  • Reduction in the possibility of damage to the product during transit.
  • Optimal designing of the package based on the design of the product.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed with the product reaching the customers on time and in the best quality.

Greenerpac offers not just the right packaging solutions but also consultation and recommendation on the right packaging material, much suited for your product. We collaborate with multiple companies who offer the best materials to provide you a customized solution that will minimize risks and costs while maximizing your customer satisfaction rate.

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