Privacy Policy

The privacy policy stated here outlines on how personal information is collected, used and managed by GreenerPac.

The below policy is subject to change from time to time, depending on changing regulations and business environments. Whenever there is a change we will keep this page updated accordingly and you can reach this page through our main website. We suggest that you check this page at regular intervals to know the latest privacy policy. Any changes to the management or collection of personal information will also be in accordance with the changes made in this policy.

Collection of information

Any information that can specifically identify a person is referred to as the PII (Personally Identifiable Information) which includes name, address, phone number, addresses (residential and work place), email address, occupation, etc.

  • When you log into our website and buy any product from us, we collect certain information such as your name, address, email address and contact number.
  • Additionally when you login to our website, we collect information on the amount of time you spend on each page or the information that you look for, the keywords you used for reaching our website, etc.

Use of information

The information thus collected from you during login, or a purchase or a subscription to our services, or through other means from our website is used by us in the following ways:

  1. To help improve your experience on our website and to provide you the content that you are looking for.
  2. To improve the products and services in line with customer expectations.
  3. To improve the performance of the website.
  4. To provide you the faster turnaround in processing.
  5. For marketing campaigns
  6. To send you any offer or sale related emails
  7. Any follow up correspondence on your inquiries.

Information safety

We ensure that your information is stored securely and there is no threat of security at any step. We use the best of encryption in transmitting and receiving information. Also we have limited access for your information stored within our secure networks. We do not share your information with anyone unless there is a regulatory requirement in place.

Use of cookies

We use cookies in our website to know your preferences as you shop and also to gather information which will help us to serve you better. We use cookies to understand your previous activity and to improve customer experience basis the data collected. Cookies are also used by us to collect data on website traffic and responsiveness and to improve the overall performance of our website.

You can of course turn off cookies in your settings but this might have an impact on the performance of certain sections on our website and can hamper the overall experience slightly.

Third party disclosures

We do not share any information you provide to us with third party without your consent. However this does not include the hosting services and other partners who help with the website operation and in our business, provided the information is dealt with utmost confidentiality.

We do not offer any third party products or services. However if there are ads displayed by Google or any other website on our site, the links you enter into will not fall under the purview of this privacy policy. If you click on any of the ads to reach a different website, then your information and other details are handled as per the privacy policy of that website.

It is our conscious effort to ensure utmost secrecy of the information you share with us. We request you to read through these guidelines and reach out to us for any clarifications.