Areca Cutlery

GreenerPac Areca leaf cutlery are perfect alternate to Plastics/Polymer based products and also Paper based products about which the entire world is concerned about.

 A 100% natural mechanism is followed for manufacturing these cutlery.

The fallen areca leaf is collected from farms. The Sheath of the areca leaf cleaned and soaked in water for approximately 15 minutes and shade dried for 30 minutes.

They are then compressed to different shapes using the correspondingly shaped Machines. They are then packed as per the customer requirement.

Advantages of Areca Cutlery

  1. Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable and Compostable.
  2. No chop down of trees, fallen leaves are collected and turned to value added products. Waste to wealth concept.
  3. No Chemicals, bleaching, PE (Poly Ethylene) coating, Wax coating at any stage.
  4. Light weight, sturdy and non-crushable.
  5. Microwave & Refrigerator safe.
  6. Holds liquid items for 4 hours without leakage.
  7. Good for hot, wet and cool food items.
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